So, my husband is taking a job 3 hours away, in another state, and we're supposed to sign our "Intent to Adopt" in another week (fingers crossed) or so.
Once we sign that, as I understand it, it will be sent to Richmond (capital) for SS#'s, name changes, etc. THEN once that comes back (hopefully in a month's time) we go into "waiting" for the judge to sign everything.
My question is AFTER the judge signs... are we truly done? Could we move the next day? We obviously don't want to be apart, but this move is to benefit the girl's future anyway... so having a job in NC is the first step to getting out of VA.
Any advice?
After adoption it is as if the children were born to you. You can make your choices on where you want to live without any involvement by CPS. Only caveat, is if you are receiving an adoption subsidy, make sure you update your info so you still receive it.
So ironic....Our first placement that went on to an adoptive family who also wanted to move out of state. (Wasn't initially planned that way, but he was offered a great position.) They moved the day after finalization. The dad had actually gone out there a couple months or so earlier and came back every so often to visit and then for the adoption finalization. We had dinner with them the night before finalization and they were telling their story of trying to get finalization moved up so the family could move sooner. So the day of their finalization they came home and finished packing and headed out of town the next morning.
I've got a friend who'se doing the same right now. Her husband has already moved south. She and the kids are just waiting for the finalization date so they can join him
We are possibly in the same position. My husband may be getting a job in CA but we live in WA. Problem is, TPR isn't until July so it would be quite a while of him down there and us up here before we could leave.
Yea, we're pretty much in that same position! At this point, I want adoption just moved up for the sake of being done! We don't want to move them before school ends in June anyway, so we're willing to sacrifice a little bit with DH being gone all week, and home every weekend.
yes, you could. The siblings of my 2 oldest moved with their mom from NY to GA right after the adoption.
When our boys were little we had finalized on our oldest but the little one was still in RU. We were military and we knew that we were adopting him since his brother was already ours.
We were allowed to move without TPR while still in RU because the bio mom never made even 1 visit in the almost 2 years that kid was alive.
I think they can offer some kind of waiver if your willing to come back for meetings or courts. We flew from North Carolina to California to adopt our second son and I did that with a specialized power of atty because DH couldnt get off as he was in the field.
They can work it out for you!
In our case, the judge signed and the attorney walked us down to the department where it had to be filed and at that point, it was official. I'm not sure how it works where you are, but see if something needs to be filed before you can go.