I am so embarassed by the lawmakers in my state. Since they couldn't play nice, we don't have a working budget and the state has shut down.
Selfishly, I finally got approved for childcare reimbursement and can't get a check cut to reimburse me for 17 weeks of payments. I also won't get our adoptive subsidy until they work it out.
Beyond that, my MIL works for the state and currently isn't working and gets no paycheck. My daycare lady is watching kids that she usually gets paid for directly from the state for free - hoping to get paid eventually. State parks were vandalized over the holiday weekend. I don't even know if they got special approval for foster care stipends to be an "emergency service" so I'm curious if anyone's checks are coming.
What a mess! Why can't all these so-called grownups figure out that all their silly squabbles are not worth shutting down government?
:grr: :grr: :grr:
I'm sure it's frustrating -- it's also scary. Our agency is located in MN but we live in northern Iowa. If we'd be matched with an e-mom in MN and baby would be born during the shut-down, we would not be able to get ICPC clearance. The ICPC office was one of the "non-essential" offices closed. We of course would love to be matched and yet the thought of leaving our baby in foster care indefinitely is horrifying.
I can't wrap my head around it to be honest. The government spends so much money in wars and whatnot, and they allow this kind of things to happen... I really don't get it.