Unfortunately we've had this forum turn into a debate/opinion forum so we are now creating new rules to follow in order to participate.
This is a SUPPORT forum for those who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. People come here to weigh options and that means ALL options are available and open for discussion.
However, it does not mean we are here to sway anyone in one direction or another. Sometimes advice is asked for and sometimes not. This is not the place to advocate ANY opinion at all in regards to adoption or abortion. It is not the place to debate what someone should do or not do. This is the place to truly be here to support those in need and help them see all options available.
Anyone not following this rule will be banned from the thread of discussion. A 2nd violation of the rule will result in a ban from this specific forum and again, without notice.
Thank you for understanding and realizing that there are other more appropriate forums for debates as well as to discuss what options in the adoption world are "best" according to your opinion.