Reccomended Agencies with costs under $20,000
I have seen others sharing my same boat...the desire to adopt but needing to the keep the costs under $20,000.

We are wanting to adopt again (#2). We have a local agency, but they have just changed the policy to allow couples to list with an out of state agency as well. My head is spinning from reading so many websites. And I'm discouraged when I see the fees. If only I could win a small lottery...I don't need millions, just 40K. :rolleyes:

If anyone would be willing to PM me the name of an agency they worked with (and reccomend- or don't reccomend, too!) I would really appreciate it. THANK YOU beyond measure...
Would love to know what you have found out about this Smile Hope to hear from you!

I am in the same boat, looking for more affordable agencies. Would love to know what you learned. Thank you! Please email me. Smile
No info to share
No one PMed, so I have nothing to share. Unhappy
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