Looking for an Internship to start my career in the adoption field.
Hello everyone, my name is Darcy Walter. I currently go to San Joaquin Delta College. But I am going to transfer after two more semesters. I am applying to UOP and also Sacramento State for next fall. I am looking for an internship so I can start the next journey in my goal of having a career in the child adoption field. I am a nice and friendly person and would love this oppurtunity. Thank you for taking time to read this. You can contact me at my email- dardar90@comcast.net.

I am currently getting my Master's of Social Work here in NJ. I am supposed to be doing my first (of several I think) internships in the fall. The college is supposed to match me with placement based upon my interests/requests. One of my requests is in the adoption field as I am an adoptive mom. I got a note from the man in charge of placements at my college telling me that the school didnt have any contacts/links with anyone where I can do an adoption internship. I dont know if this is reflective of all over, and I dont know about domestic but I know the # of intl. adoptions has decreased a lot. I'm guessing that there is probably less work in this field.
Nevertheless, good luck to you! I hope you prove me wrong,
Amy K, NJ
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