ok, so we are progressing quickly on "V"'s adoption. I have my draft letter to request ongoing subsidy for her. The county I'm adopting through does it alittle differently. They add 50.00 to the subsidy for each condition (if you want to call it that) the child has. "V" was addicted at birth and had to withdrawl. Exposed to alcohol and who knows what during pregnancy, however she is doing fine other then 4 bouts of RSV last winter. They are trying to get Synagis for her this year. SHe just turned 1. Any suggestions of what I don't want to miss in the letter?
well, does she automatically qualify since she is part of a sibling group? We dont have to write letters or anything here. My STBAD will either qualify for the full subsidy amount or nothing at all. Ive never heard of it working like you are talking about!