Howdy :)
Hi,I'm Amy,and I'm 24 years old. Smile Hubby and I just became officially licensed yesterday morning. It's been a long road with a lot of obstacles along the way,but we're finally here. I'm so happy and excited! Now,we play the waiting game. I was also wondering,about how long after you began did you get THE call? Thanks in advance! :flower: (Oh my goodness,I LOVE the smilies!)
We first became foster parents in 1990. We waited two months before our first placement. Our shortest wait was 8 days and longest was 4 months. Of course, I have a feeling our current wait will beat four months.

We got licensed on Feb 19, 10 and got our first placement April 12, 10. (We just finalized their adoption June 20th! Smile Good luck!
We're playing the waiting game too- only we're still waiting for our license! We've been waiting 10 weeks from the time of our last home study (which was the end of the application process). I really hope it doesn't take too long for a placement because I'm not sure I can wait any longer!

I have heard about foster families that got a license and then had a placement the next day. I think they took a sibling group. I've also heard that if you can't do that, then you should try to make yourself well known with the social workers (not wine-and-dine). Call your "agency" to see if they have an "open bed" list. I've heard that new foster families are not automatically put on it as soon as their license comes- you have to ask for it. Also, attend meetings and get your name, face, and situation in the social workers heads. Take emergency placements. Of course, this is all theory since we're not even licensed yet. Good luck!
Well we were licensed on a Friday, but since our worker was out that day, she didn't call us until Monday. But she called us to say we were licensed, and to tell us that she had an adoptive placement for us! We are meeting our placement on Friday :banana:

So it will be a few weeks until they move in, but I consider that to be a pretty fast placement Wink

These are siblings though, 3 & 4 yr old. I think it all depends on your age range. I know the older you are willing to accept, the more likely it is to get a placement faster. At least in my county.
We were licensed in May and got "the call" less than 24 hours later. We declined, due to a number of reasons. 12 days after we were licensed we got our second call, and picked up newborn twins that day. Good luck!
[FONT="Georgia"]I know it varies greatly depending on the individual story...but, we had not even received the letter telling us we were officially licensed and in the system yet...we got a phone call saying "Congrats, you are licensed...would you be willing to pick this child up from the hospital?" We actually passed because we knew at the outset that she would only be here 8 months and leave for out of state relatives...and I didn't want to do that to my boys...we had a respite situation in there...and a few weeks later we got the call for our current little fs...picked him up at 24 hours old, roughly one month after we heard we were official![/FONT]
We were licensed on Dec 14, and got our first placement Jan 7th. However, we found out that just because we were licensed doesn't mean you are placed on a call list that day! I called our placement worker on the 27th of Dec, and she didn't know about us yet. We got a call on the 31st, but had to say no. 1 week later we picked up our boys. And at first we said no to them! We were only going to take infants, not toddlers. So glad we changed our minds! So it was pretty fast.
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