We have a lovely house with a big pool in the back, and a fountain/pond out front in the courtyard just before the front door. But because of the water, I'm sure this will come up as a safety issue during the homestudy. I know it'll be required to fence the pool, but I'm wondering, would it be sufficient to fence the PATIO area that leads to the pool instead? All the doors lead to the patio, and there are locked gates in any other area that leads to the pool; there's no way anyone could get to the pool except through those entrances. Obviously the safety factor is important, but I'm hoping to save on costs a bit too. Every little bit we can scrape together counts. Do you think a fenced off patio and alarms on the doors would "pass"?
And as far as the fountain out front, I'm stumped there. It can't be removed (it's built in and holds up a pergola) and its base is about 6 feet by 5 feet, and about a foot tall. Would it be required to be drained permanently in order to adopt domestically? Or is alarms on the doors leading outside to it sufficient, again? Obviously I'd NEVER leave a child unattended near it OR the pool, but I also know there's requirements.
Just trying to get an idea of which costs I might face as far as babyproofing/home fixes. Has anyone else dealt with a pool or fountain?
It probably depends on your state. I have no idea about the fountain out front. I would ask during your pride classes or whatever you have in your state. The pool should be fine as long as there is no access. Our state requires 2 barriers, back door lock and fence or something like that. Our pool fence doesn't go around our pool it just separates the pool side from the other part of the yard and the exit from the house is obviously is on the yard side. I hope this helps a little, but before spending anything I would call the agency and get the regulations.
We did not have any issues with our homestudy. Our pool has no fence around it. However, we have two locks (1 requires a key) on the door leading to the courtyard and our courtyard has a wrought iron fence around it with a gate. I also mentioned to the social worker (and she documented in our homestudy) that our pool cover was one that you could walk across and will hold up to 500 lb.
I'm not certain of the requirements, but I do have a thought on the fountain. They make a kind of alarm that will go off if the surface of the water is disturbed to a certain degree. I wonder if that might be an option?
UPDATE: we got the back patio fenced, which saved a lot on cost, as we didn't have to go around the whole pool. It just had to be 5.5 feet high and have a self-closing gate with lock. Yay! Still not sure on the fountain, we'll see what the social worker says.
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