Identity Crisis!!!! Please Help!!!
My name is Hannah Lorraine Brennan born november 13, 1988 at Albany Medical Center. My adoptive parents, Mariann Lorraine Caprino and Robert "Bob" Joseph Brennan jr. adopted me 2 days later. The attorney they used was Aaron Britvan. The adoption was filed on 11/28/88...Then i believe finalized on 7/28/89 . I believe adoption was finalized in kings county, ny. My amended birthcirtificate states that i was born at the time of 1507. My birth register number is 4802. My birth number is 131-88-126642. The district was 101. I was told my birth mom was barely 15 when she had me...And she hid me very well up untill last few months. I know she used obgyn, Brenda Hallenbeck for first couple of visits but then Brenda passed me on to her parrner...Not sure of his name...I was told that my birth mom was shy,tall,had brown eyes and hair,and an athletic build. I was also told that she was from a jewish family...There is a rumor that she was the oldest of 4 sisters and that her father eas going to le
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