August of 2010 I gave birth to an extremely beautiful and healthy baby girl. Her father was not in the picture and never has been. I chose adoption and placed her with a very loving and sweet family who allowed the adoption to be open. I swore up and down I would be safe and not get pregnant again until I was in the right place in my life.
Well now almost two years since I got pregnant with my first I am pregnant again. And most definitely not on purpose. I know I am keeping this child because I am engaged to it's father. I am just worried what my family will think or the adoptive parents to my first when they all find out. I myself know it wasn't very smart for this to happen.
I have a meeting with the adoptive parents and my daughter in late October. Do I tell them? Will my family be disappointed?
I just don't know how to feel.
I had a similar experience although my adoption wasn't as open as to allow visits.
I chose the path of being open with my family, adoptive parents and with my firstborn daughter. I also chose to be open with my second born daughter about her older sister.
There are pros and cons with my experience. My oldest and I reunited in May 2011 for her high school graduation, she was thrilled that I had more children and that she knew from an early age that she was an older sibling. My second born and I have had our issues. Things didn't work out with her father and myself, so he used the adoption to undermine my relationship with her. She resented me for not giving her the chance to get to know her sister.
That being said, with your adoption being more open than mine, you may be able to avoid those things that I couldn't.
Good luck to you! I hope all goes well!
I think the best thing is to tell the truth. You need to let everybody know what is going on in your heart and if you are sincere with them, I'm sure they will forgive you no matter what!
The issue that I would have as an ' Adoptive Mom ' would be how would you desire the Daughter to have a relationship with this baby or child, and what are your intentions then for Parenting as well also please??