Has anyone a checklist of sorts to guide me through the involuntary term & step parent adoption process pro se? I'm in Denton County. I know it can be done and I'd like to get the ball rolling. BF has had no contact/no support for over 12 months and never excercised visitation or paid support as ordered. Any help would be appreciated!
Don't know if I can be any help. I am currently in the process of doing the same thing here in Brazoria county. MY daughter is 3 almost 4 and the BF has not had contact since she has been 9 months and me and my husband have been together since she has been 8 months and the only father she has ever known. The BF lives in Ohio where we used to live until a year and half ago. I got all of my documents from reliableadoptions.com and got all of the correct forms plus they were a big help. After you have all of the paperwork then you can file with the courthouse district clerks office. It cost me about $360.00 for the paperwork from reliableadotpion and about $360.00 for the filing fees. Then since the whereabouts are unknown in my case it cost me $198.00 to run ad in the paper. If you know where he is it is a lot cheaper and the sheriff can serve him. He has like 20 or 30 days to respond. If no response it goes to default and you can proceed as normal. You also are now required to have a homestudy and if the whereabouts of the father are unknown then you also have to be appointed a attorney ad litem. The homestudy cost us $800.00 but that can vary. The ad litem cost us $750.00 which can also vary. After you get it all done then you can schedule a final hearing. We are doing the last homestudy Friday and then scheduling our final hearing praying this all goes well and approved...anyway best of luck hope this helps a little bit :D
That was A LOT of help! We've filed and the citations for the termination and the motion for enforcement (so I can get the $12K judgement) are in the mail as of 2/3/12 to the process server in Los Angeles (where the BF is)! Home Study was waived as well as any ad litem! March 15, 2012 is our court date! So excited!
hi i am trying to file for an involuntary adoption. could you hlp me with the process? i have all the forms filled out just not sure where to go from there?