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Post what you know. Birth name, or birthdate, or county of birth, or mother's maiden name, all of the above, etc.
Looking for birthmother Donna Marie Wright aka Donna Wright Knowls
I'm her male son born on January 24, 1966 at St. Johns Hospital
in Oxnard, CA. My name on birth certificate is Baby Wright
Will you help me?
I am looking for Micheal Allan Lovett (Mar. 4 1998) & Melissa Katheren Ramsey (Dec. 28 1995)
Our mother is LaDonna Lorraine Lovett (May 15 1961)
My brother and sister may have been adopted in Los Angeles County, CA. However, they may also be in foster care still, because I was told by other family that the initial adoption that was to occur was declined later on.
Thank you for any assistance you can provide to reunite us. I can remember holding little Micheal as a baby and playing with Melissa at a small park during our first and last visitation nearly 14 years ago, and that is the last I heard about them, I was 11.
I am searching for anyone who knows anything about my biological family. I was born July 13, 1961 at 9:55 PM at St. Mary's Long Beach Hospital in Southern California. I was given the name Baby Girl Pruett. I was adopted through Los Angeles Bureau of Adoptions. My mother was 24 Dutch/Irish descent, had completed high school, Was 5'4 in height and a 120 lbs. She had fair skin, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. She was healthy except for a mild case of hepatitis and was a Protestant. My father was 28 and also of Dutch/Irish descent and was 5'11 inches in height. He had blond hair and blue eyes. My eyes must be a combo of them, as my eyes are green. He was fair skinned as well. he completed high school and was employed in some kind of hospital work. Their marital plans did not work out and my natural mother decided adoptive placement was best. For a short time I was with the David Nelson's family as a foster child they called me Kim. I was placed with my adoptive parents on August 4, 1961 Sven and Viola Carlson.The adoption was made final on May 21, 1962 in Long Beach California. I do not know if my natural parents were married or not. But I was named Baby Girl Pruett at birth. Adopted name Annalisa Carlson. If there is anyone who could help me in my search, please help! I harbor no bad feelings and know they thought adoption was the best choice. Hope someone can help me. Thank You:wings:
I am new to this website and I am looking for my birth father.
My maiden name: Hollie R. White
My birthdate: March 1, 1969
County, City & State of birth: San Diego, CA
Mother's maiden name: Roberta G. DeLude
Father's name: Sonny white
lived in Seal Beach CA about 1968
Place of birth: Louisiana
My mother died recently and I have been looking for my father for a long time, I hope that someone can assist me. Please let me know if I need to provide additional information.
Hello, i am new to this site and i am looking for my birth father. My birth mother passed away when i was five years old and i have no information on him besides his name and that he lived in Los Angeles around 1988-1990.
My birth name is Guadalupe J. Rodriguez
My date of birth is 2/2/90
My place of birth is Los Angeles, CA USC hospital
My mothers maiden name was Ludivina Aguilar
and the name that is on my original birth certificate for my birth father is Fransisco Rodriguez.
Unfortunately he is not my birth father. i learned through my sister that he is my older brothers father but my birth mother chose to put his name on the birth certificate. I am hoping that this man will be able to help me figure out who my real father is but first i need to find him. Also, not knowing my mother gives me so many unanswered questions about her and hopefully whoever this man is, he can give me some type of closure ive been searching for a while.
I really hope someone can help point me in the right direction.
Thank you,
Lupe Aguilar
Looking for birth parents of white male born to mother Valerie in Los Angeles suburban area of Pico Rivera/ Monterey Park/Montebello. Anthony Leopold Salas was born 09/28/1968 it was a private adoption arranged through a mutual friend. Valerie was said to be very young, 17/18 years old which would put her birth year around 1950ish. His adopted mother Delores Lopez Salas was an insecure , controlling woman who forbad anyone tell him anything about his birth parents or the situation surrounding his adoption. He only found out he was adopted by accident stumbling upon a document in his adopted father’s paperwork. He was treated very poorly by his entire adopted family except his adopted paternal grandparents who raised him.
Any assistance would be extremely appreciated. He is running out of time to find them alive.