My husband and I have an adoption interview for a sibling set of 3. That would mean that we would have 5 children. Which my husband sees as $$$$$. Two of the three are IV-EFC eligible. There are no medical issues, so we are wondering if there is any chance of them getting any money. We both work and have good jobs, but the idea of comfortably affording 5 children is scary. Any of you had experiences or knowledge that you could share???
If I understand subsidy rules correctly... the mere fact of them being siblings would qualify them for state and federal subsidy.
Outside of that, I understand the scariness of having that many extra mouths to feed. You do learn to be more frugal, watch for sales, buy second-hand clothes or at least on clearance... the upside is extra deductions at tax time. :-)
There are lots of blessings to having a larger family, though. And 99% of the time, I wouldn't trade any of the children or our full life for anything.
In Indiana the state funded assisstance is no longer available. Adoptive parents are put on a waiting list in case the money ever becomes available in the future(unlikely). However, the IVE program is federally funded and my understanding is that the monthly subsidy is guaranteed, as well as Medicaid. The child who is not IVE eligible may still be eligible for AAP, which is a part of the federally funded assistance, but not all children qualify. I have been told it is something negotiated between your lawyer and the DCS lawyers. Don't be afraid to ask your caseworker about this. They understand how expensive it is to raise children and want you to have all the help available in the best interest of the children. They will not think you "are in it for the money". At least, this is how my experience has been. We were just recently matched and all the workers have been great. Good luck ! Keep us updated !