Just wondering if anyone's child who was adopted in infancy (around 9 month mark or so) has been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Our oldest has a couple of different diagnoses but, as he grows and symptoms change, I wonder if we missed a diagnosis of RAD. We believe he was neglected to some extent in the foster home (we have info and spent time in Guat before adoption so have info to support his in his case) but don't have any medical history regarding other possible diagnoses.
i don't know of many kids from Guatemala with a RAD dx....and so I can't think of any members off the top of my head for you to pm. this board isn't very active anymore.....if you post a similar question on the special needs forum you may get more info on RAD> I do KNOW irl children with RAD adopted as infants from USA. it does happen. I also JUST saw a little girl being rehomed who is 6. her file states she has "RAD symptoms" and she was also adopted as an infant from guatemala.
I believe Deborah Hage's first child with RAD was an infant (toddler?) South American adoption. You might check her site: [url=http://www.deborahhage.com]Deborah Hage, MSW - Child and Family Therapist, Author, Speaker and Humanitarian[/url] . As I remember it, having had other children/adoptions, she said, "Whoa, this is not normal." And began to explore attachment. Hope this helps.
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