We have been matched with a Birth Mom that is on Methadone. She is monitored and goes to a methadone clinic. Does anyone have experience with this? We've been told it could be a 4 week withdraw process. Any insights would be helpful. thanks
I am a nurse at an out patient methadone clinic. Methadone in itself is a safer option as far as sunstances go and detoxing as opposed to street drugs. I will say that this as with any withdrawal is difficult but the good news is with proper medical supervision and monitoring miost babies are quite resilliant.
The ONLY thing that you should be aware of is if emom is using other drugs in conjunction with the methadone. A good many addicts recieving methadone also use other drugs like benzodiapines (xanax, klonapin, ativan ect) as well as some drugs that will enhance the affecs of methadone to repilicate a heroin high. Those drugs are harder on a baby in detox. Also know that is is very common for methadone patients to use cocaine.
I am not trying to disuade yoy or frighten you but I want you to be aware of these possibilities.
I have seen many babies fare very well with detoxing and I believe a very big part of it is the enviorment baby is discharged to.
Knowledge is key here. These babies tend to be much more difficult to comfort, have many incidents of reflux, colic and difficult to comfort.
Some like to be swaddled and some hate it, white noise, dimmer lighting, swings and many other suggestions can help in easing and making baby comfortable.
No two babies are alike with this and it it is a case of whatever works best for your baby but these are things that you will learn as you get to know your baby, no different than a non addicted baby in that sense.

By the time baby is dicharged from the hospital he/she should be fully detoxed as far as medication(methadone itself goes) but may or may not be on other medications to treat the side affects that the detox has caused.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact me.
The length of the detox can vary on the amount of methadone emom is recieving as well as other factors. I do know that detoxing a baby is a slow process and depends on how well baby responds and the protocol the hospital uses.
Understand that even after the baby is released you may still have a while to get baby to settle to the point of comfort.
Our first foster placement came home from the NICU on methadone. She went home but is still being titered down and is on a low dosage at almost five months.

We kept her swaddled, used an IPOD app called "baby soothe" that had several natural and white noise sounds and panicked if we misplaced her pacifier Smile

She did not have the tremors and full rages that many babys do but she was very tense and frustrated little one.

As pp said each baby is different and what works for one will not work for another.

I would advise though if baby is sent home on the methadone that you make sure you have a pharmacy that can fill the script. After a long search our only option turned out to be the hospital pharmacy where the NICU was located. None of our local ones could supply the liquid methadone without a two week notice.
Our DD was born dependent on methadone, cocaine, and a host of other goodies. She spent 17 days in the hospital, they used morphine to ease her out of the withdrawals.

Our girl was easy as pie to soothe. She would get worked up into wuite a fit, but we could easily get her to calm down. Loved to be swaddled, but hated anything that vibrated, the swing, and her carseat.

Best thing besides the swaddling? Happiest Baby on the Block. Check out the Youtube is simply amazing, and saved my sanity during the dreaded late afternoon-early evening hours. Smile

Each baby is different, like EZ said. We were prepared for the worst (I'm trained as an addictions counselor), but were pleasantly surprised. No reflux, no colic. I'd take a drug affected newborn any day of the week. Smile

Best wishes on your decision and journey!
Thanks for your thoughts. I am just trying to find out what to expect. I know that each baby will be different.

The hardest thing for us it that we will be out of state and I will have my four year old with me. My husband will come at first but then has to go back to work. I hope I can work it out to spend lots of time with the baby and keep my son happy.
My son was born a few weeks ago, and is still in the nicu. I will tell you that it is very important to consider location in your match. If this baby has to spend weeks in the nicu will you return to work to stay with the baby? As horrible as it sounds, we had to return to work. 2 or 3 weeks of pay checks really help off set our adoption expenses right now. Especially since our little guy is out of state. I agree with everyone, prepare yourself to see other drugs in your baby. Do lot's of reading and spend lot's of time in the nicu. Our nurses taught us a lot!
Yes, I will be staying with the baby. My husband will have to go back to work. I found out that we can stay at a Ronald McDonald house in the area.

I hope your baby is doing well and makes progress quickly. Do you know what he was exposed to?
You might also make sure you have someone to care for your 4 year old as he won't be allowed into the nicu with you to see the baby. My understanding is that the clinic is supposed to adjust moms dose as pregnancy progresses to ease the withdrawl effects. Hopefully someone will chime in with the info on the organization for tetraology (or whatever it is called!). They are supposed to give great info over the phone about drug use during pregnancy and be generally very helpful!
The group is called Otis, you can google it. Are you working with an agency or attorney? In our situation the state stepped in and placed a hold on the baby in case the adoption plan fell thru. We also had to wait until trp was signed til we were allowed in the nicu. Looking back, we are glad we did not know what baby G was going thru those first 2 days. I would have lost my mind between that and waiting out tpr.
Check out this site: [url=]Home Page | Organization of Teratology Information Specialists[/url]
Maynard - We are working with an agency. The birth mom can sign at 48 hrs. We are hoping to be there, but we are 20 hrs away. Hard to know how early to head down. The agency said that the birth mom wants us to "parent" immediately.

We did find out that she is only on methadone (50 mg.) and not any other medications. Her next appt. is Jan 18 and they will send us all her info.

Hope it all goes smoothly!
We just got word that we will be housing a baby boy that is detoxing off methadone in possibly two weeks, so I'm interested in this thread too. We know the biomom and are aware that there were possibly other drugs used with methadone during this preganancy.

The baby was born 7 days overdue and was almost 9lbs. Originally, we heard we would probably pick him up in 3-5 days but within 24 hours he was in the NICU and having severe tremors and crying uncontrollably - withdrawals. We aren't allowed in to see him (neither are Biological parents/other family) for approximately a two week period. It could be shorter or longer, I guess no one really knows how it will all play out. Very nervous, I've never taken an infant before, all my munchkins are teenagers now!
More Questions?
We have found out the our emom has tested positive for opiates and benzos. It has been at random times. She will have a positive screen and then several negative ones.

She is now in the third trimester. She has been prescribed Klonopin 1mg. and Celexa 20 mg. She is bi-bolar and having severe panic attacks.

Any thoughts? I am kind of freaking out.
I sent you a private message.
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