We are looking at some different agencies and would like some feedback if anyone has any information.
We are looking for an agency that considers age and/or corrected issues (ie fixed cleft lip/palate) as a special needs case.
We are currently looking at:
Pearl S. Buck International House,
Holt International,
Great Wall China Adoption,
and EACI
if you had a great experience with another agency, please also feel free to let us know.
We're still exploring our options, but any information you would be willing to share is appreciated.
The agency is not the one choosing whether a child will be considered special needs. That decision is made by China.
If a child is listed as special needs by China, all agencies will view him/her as SN in terms of the process to be followed. Some chldren may be on a shared list, some may be labeled "special focus", etc., by China, and THAT will determine whether your agency gets access to that particular child.
Thank you for that information, I know that the rules have changed quite a bit since we first researched Asian adoption in 2008. I just learned last night about the share list, when I know that it used to be that only one agency got the SN referrals for particular children.
I had noticed that there are discrepancies between what the agencies were listing as SN from one site to the next.
But if anyone does have feedback for any of the agencies I mentioned, I would still be appreciative to hear what you have to say.