I have four teenagers who are about to start driving.
Does anyone have any suggestions for where to find affordable auto insurance for teen drivers? I have done some research without much luck so any advice you can offer would be appreciated.
Your best bet is to get a quote from AAA. When I was fostering teenagers in California, I found the best deal through the Auto Club (AAA) after getting quotes from all the major car insurers.
WOW! Handling two teenagers is a task in itself but successfully paying for 4 of them should be applauded. The rates I got with [URL=""]AARPs auto insurance calculator[/URL] were great but those might benefit you, not the teenagers. All the best with that, keep shopping around.
Great to hear that. Teens are excited to have their own car and it's good that there's an affordable auto insurance.
I was in the same boat with my two teens, looking for an affordable way to cover them on their journey to becoming adult drivers. Someone referred me to a company called MCA which offered a nice benefits package along with a very affordable price.