I was hoping to get information &/or feed back from families that have worked with PACT & AdoptHelp in CA or Adoption Link in IL in the last 0-4 years. Please PM me.:popcorn:
Additionally feed back from CC or LBGT families would be especially helpful.
How did you like working with them?, Did they return calls, complete paper work, legal needs all in a timely manner?, How long did it take for your match?, How many failed matches did you have prior to finding your forever baby?, What was to price range of your fees?, Post placement services?
We had a very good experience with AdoptHelp. They were within the quoted budget, and we were matched in about 2 months (more quickly than their average) and had no failed matches. I feel they were always ethical and took a conservative approach in making sure all legal aspects were handled properly. Feel free to contact me if you have other questions.
Hi! I was wondering if you did get replies to your questions? In particular in regards to Adopthelp in Ca and can you please PM share the info you received. Thank you!
We are interested in receiving experiences anyone has had with Adoption-Link in Illinois. Please PM us.
Thanks in advance!
I am interested in receiving any experiences anyone has with adopt-link in IL. I am trying to figure out the best agency to use. Thanks!!!
We too are considering PACT in California, and insight would be very welcomed. We are a same sex couple as well.
Please PM me if you have a moment or two, We want to make sure that we make the best decision.
Thank you!
Oh my gosh I was just about to post this exact same question I'm not sure if it's the same place but is adoption link the same consultant known as "lil snea?"
We would definitely be interested in speaking with anyone who has worked with any of these particular groups especially if you are single or a same-sex couple it's very difficult to gauge their success with placement and would really like to hear from first-hand accounts please PMS thank you so much we are open any race any gender