I am looking for my older sister, Kim Un Suk who is born on September 20th, 1956. My name is Kim Hyeon Suk and I am 53 years old.
44 years ago, my sister and I were put in an orphanage in Pyeongtaek. I was 5 years old and she was about 7 to 8 years old. When my sister was 11 years old, she was adopted by an American military family.
My birth father's name is Kim Seong Do and my birth mother's name is Im Jung Ja.
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Deborah Dixon,
Hello, sorry for the late reply! I forgotten I still had this post, since this was back in 2012!
No, I am not on ancestry DNA. But I do have 23andMe DNA.
And I live in the US.
Please respond back. Thank you!
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Thank you for your response. I almost give up hope that you were no longer active on this post. I sent you a private e-mail. Awaiting for your reply. Please let me know if you’ve received my e-mail so we can make progress.
Thank you,