SBH classes?
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Has anyone heard of SBH classes? We've been given a little info on a sibling group where one child has "behavior" issues and is in "SBH classes" at school, rather than regular classes. That's a new term for me. I'll probably check back with the agency, but wondered if any of y'all had any experience with this too. Thanks!
Could be something like SED.
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I thought about it for awhile. My daughter was in a SED classroom. Social and Emotional Developement. Could be Social and Behavioral Health?? Only thing I could think of. Maybe every state calls them different things. Just call up and ask. My daughter was in one classroom all day with the same teacher. In elementary school they had all ages. They worked at their grade level or whatever level they were at. And in high school it was pretty much the same thing. These were children with anti-social and behavioral issues with a learning disability. In high school she was pretty much mainstreamed her junior and senior year. It is the school ultimate goal. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes not.

Good luck. I'd be interested in finding out exactly what it means.
here SED is severely emotionally disturbed...
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could it be severely behaviorally handicapped...just an idea.

Different names in different states
I have seen BD (behavior disordered), EBH (emotionally behavior handicapped), SBH (socially behavior handicapped OR severe behavior handicapped) EBD (emotional & behavior disordered). There are other terms, but mostly it is telling you that 1.) this child cannot function in a class room full of students all the time or without support, 2.) this child has an IEP or 504 plan 3.) this child has a problem behavior history in the school. It may be telling you that 4.) this child is going to be behind academically because the kinds of behaviors that get one removed from a regular classroom, get in the way of learning. Not the child's fault. Usually the conditions at home were so bad, that school work was the least of the child's concerns. Hard to concentrate on verbs when you are hungary, beaten or molested daily, seeing mom beaten daily, etc. Being in a behavior modification education program is not a measure of intelligence. All levels of intelligence can be found in behavior disordered children. many of these children are mainstreamed or have inclusion in regular classroom -- sometimes with and sometimes without modifications.
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