I don't know what to expect
Hello Im new to this so Im hoping I do this right but Im looking for someone experienced in this area that could possibly help me. Me and my husband has decided to adopt a boy from the ranges newborn to one years old. We are at the beginning stages and Im very nervous. We will begin the parenting classes in April and I dont know what to expect. But this is my question, after we finish the classes how long will it take for us to do the homestudy and how long after will we know if we are approved to adopt? Also, what kind of things will the agency be looking for during our homestudy? I know that every state does things differently, Im in Florida.
I'm new to the process as well so I don't have many answers. Have you selected an agency? The agency should be able to provide you with time estimates one agency that we are considering told us that it would take approx 3 months to finish the home study and background check info and be approved.
Yes we did select an agency. We were informed that we needed to take the parenting class for 5 weeks but they couldnt give us an exact estimate on the homestudy. The agency we chose called us yesterday to set us up for the classes and I was very excited because this was the beginning of our adoption journey. Then my husband tells me that he doesn't want to go through it and I had to call the agency today and let them know we weren't interested anymore. It broke my heart that he didn't tell me that sooner. And that he would wait until we get the call that I had been waiting for to tell me that. Ill resent him for this.
How long did you discuss it before starting with an agency? Maybe he is just having cold feet? Are you adopting due to infertility or just an alternate way to create your family? Maybe there are other options if he is so against it.

Either way, that's a pretty crap thing to do to you. I'm sorry Unhappy
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