It has been over a month since TPR trial ended (it started in November!) and still no decision. I'm trying to live my life and not really think about it too much, but every now and again, my stomach knots up and I break out into a sweat.
Apparently, this judge is slow (duh!) but I've never heard of this before. Summations were written, so maybe that is part of why it's taking so long.
Just needed to vent. Thanks :-)
I am so sorry. I would be going crazy! I wonder why the judge is doing this. You need an answer, the bios need an answer. This is serving no one. :mad:
How frustrating! That's a long time to wait. If I could get rid of one aspect of fostering it would definitely be the constant uncertainty. Whether it was a good or bad outcome I'd still rather just know now instead of waiting months (or years) for a final answer.:mad: Patience is definitely not my strong suit :)