Ethical adoption from Uganda
About a month ago, my husband and I agreed to change from Russia to Uganda. I felt unsettled about a Russian adoption and my husband was really excited about Uganda (I was happy with Africa, period).

Anyhow, I've been googling like crazy and running into a lot of discussion about lots of corruption within the adoption scene. We want our adoption to be as ethical as possible, so I want to make sure we take the right steps.

First of all, we were considering going with Lifeline Children's Services because they'll except our outside home study. Anyone have experience with them? Can you PM me your thoughts?

Or, do you know of another agency that is definitely ethical in their actions?

We are interested in 1-2 children (sibling group if 2), under the age of 5.

Ethical adoption from Uganda is difficult, but not impossible. I would worry much more about corruption on the ground than with an agency. Keep your eyes open, ask lots of questions, and be willing to walk away if something smells fishy. PM me if you have specific questions; we live in K'la and are in process of fostering/adopting. Smile
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