We haven't had a picture parade in a while. With spring right around the corner I know we will be taking all sorts of pictures of our kiddos. We've been having unusually warm weather here in the midwest so we've already been to the zoo and the local parks a few times. Here is a recent pictures of my beloved W.
All of your kids are beautiful! And Miss M, yours are quite handsome! :).
One is from Valentine's Day (okay, I realize that's pretty obvious) and the others are from this morning. . .we hit 80 today! One is kinda blurry, but you can see the excitement even through the fuzzy image. I love these parades. . . :flower:
Everyone kids are getting so big!!
OakShannon- I love your pictures. Little A had a visit with is bsister last month, they don't look alike but they sure do act alike:)
The first is of DD on her 16th Birthday, the second is just to show off her Birthday cake. Next is one of my new favorite pictures of T (9yrs) and the last is Little A (3.5yrs), making his "rock star" face.:arrow:
Oh Amanda, that hair and those cheeks! Big sis is growing too. All the kids are getting so big, and all are so good looking.
I love love love seeing pics! All the kids are soo cute!!! Here is my Chuy and on with Curly from the back. We had an awesome weather week and the girls were loving being coat free and barefoot!
I love seeing the pictures, too! Thanks for starting this. Here is a recent one of my girls going in for a hug, and the second one is one of my girls today with her first basketball. She is OBSESSED with basketball- which I am thrilled about :) Happy spring!
Mama2Gia- Where did you get the pretty dresses? :)
They are from Baby Gap. There are from last season though- it was actually Chuy's first birthday dress. It still fits her WITH the tucks that I had to take in to make the 12-18 month dress fit her then! If you really love them though- I bought the purple one off Ebay for Curly around November. I am thinking of getting another one in a bigger size because they are so cute and the girls love them!
Hey Y'all! I'm sure you got some really good pictures of your kiddos all dressed up for Easter. Let's see 'em! Here is W with his Easter Bunny taken today.
Tried to load my pic from my Iphone to no avail.....says it's too big. Oddly enough it let me add the same pic as my Avatar.:rolleyes:
Such beautiful children everyone!!
I can't believe how big everyone has gotten!! It's amazing how quick they grow, isn't it?
I didn't get any pics of mine for Easter but I'll have to see if I can get them to cooperate without too much eye rolling and "sigh...mom...seriously.";)
Mama2Gia- Where did you get the pretty dresses? :)
I have the same dress in the pink for my FD!! I love that dress :)
Here are my boys at church on Sunday. Ben (3) was NOT thrilled with the shirt and tie, but did cooperate for a few pictures when bribed with Easter candy. Nico (2) LOVED the shirt and tie but wasn't so interested in pictures.
Everyone's kids are growing so much and are so beautiful!