ISO Jason Ray Kirk, date of birth December 27, 1983; 12/27/83; 12-27-83, adoption was in Stafford, VA. I am trying to help his birth mother find him and his 3 siblings; Michelle Leigh Kirk, D.O.B. 9/1/85; Conti Jaquca Hughes D.O.B. 1/4/89; and Lisa Nicole Hughes, D.O.B. 1/20/90.
It is my understanding that Lisa Hughes has been with her children all along, I would like to know if you have actually met lisa hughes. I understand she is extremely sick and her youngest child lisa is taking care of her. It is also my understanding that lisa is unable to talk, walk or even feed herself. i would like to know when was the last time you talk to her. I am dating her ex-husband, he talks about his kids all the time.
I think we are talking about a different Lisa Hughes, the Lisa Nicole Hughes I am looking for is only 23 years old and would not have children old enough to take care of them. I am looking for adult children:
Jason Ray Kirk 29 years old
Michelle Leigh Kirk 27 years old
Conti Jaquca Hughes 23 years old
Lisa Nicole Hughes 23 years old
I am sorry but I have just look at my post and I have read your comment. We are talking about the same Lisa Hughes. You are mistaking the mother Lisa with the daughter Lisa, Lisa Nicole Hughes, who you mention is taking care of her mother Lisa Kirk Hughes. Lisa Nicole's sibling are Jason, Michelle, and Conti, and it is my understand that they keep in contact with each other because they are a very close family. Lisa Kirk Hughes is very sick woman ( I am talking health wise) as I know Lisa Nicole is taking care of her mother Lisa Kirk Hughes. So we are talking about the same person. Lisa children have been with her the hold time. She only started this mess after she and her husband broke up.