We have 2 siblings (2 & 3 yo girls). There is an Individual Service Plan Meeting at birthmom's house on Friday. This is the first one. Our letter says our attendance at this meeting would be greatly appreciated. What all goes on at these meetings?
Interested to know myself. Our ISP meeting is set for this coming week, but I don't think Mom/Dad are going to be there. But we're working with the agency, not the county.
I don't know, but if they are holding the meeting at biomom's house, then it must have to do with getting her set up for the kids living with her. It sounds like they might be setting her up with some services to make the home ready for the kids.
The families we've worked with have an ISP meeting every few months or so or when something is changing (visits, services, etc). They usually talk about how the parents are doing on their case plan, what they need to do in the immediate future and discuss any services or appointments for the children or parents. The social worker, the parents, their lawyers, and the GAL or CASA are usually present.
We are always invited to attend and one of us always does, you learn a whole lot about the status of the case. Ours are always at the department office though, never a home.