Hi All!
I haven't received the check for the month of March...should I call someone and if so, who do I call? Our RW?
Grrr. That's annoying. We don't do this for the money but the stipend sure helps! Yes, call your caseworker. I have also called Trenton directly to complain about late checks. It is the Accounting office of DYFS. Look on their website and I will also see if I can find the number. Have you gotten one yet? They are small, white and blue envelopes. They can get mixed up in other mailthough.
Okay, thank you...Yeah, I waited this long because I hated the thought of calling to ask for money, but I do need diapers. Again, thank you so much! We've only had one other check for the month of February; we're still fairly new to this.
I found that number...1-800-719-9670. The recording said checks were mailed April 9th but we should have received by now, I think. I couldn't get through to our RW. Oh well...I'll just be patient!
the only thing i can think would be maybe they were mailed tuesday b'c of easter monday, but that is still a full week later that you haven't gotten it...definitely would warrant a call. I don't think it makes you look money you said, those diapers are expensive!! if for some reason you can't get through to the cw, I would call the FAFS worker, part of their job is to help with stipend issues....
I had this happen to me. My son's CW went on vacation and apparently the CWs have to go into the "system" each month and check that you are the resource family for your child. This activates the check to be cut for your foster child. My son's CW forgot to have the covering CW do this...but then forgot the next month also!!! Then we had to do some kind of paperwork for missed stipends. It took awhile to get the issue rectified because of the amount of time that went by...anyway, this is my long-winded way of saying definitely call your CW before too much time goes by!!!
Don't be patient! You are entitled to the stipend. It doesn't make you greedy, it makes you an advocate to get everything to which your foster child is entitled. You are now missing TWO checks. Start being a squeaky wheel. I give you full permission.
I called because my check was late this month, but it eventually arrived. They need to wait 10 business days after it was cut to order stop payment, then reissue the check. At this point, you're getting pretty close to 10 business days - I'd call & continue to raise hell until you get some money.
Lol...thanks, everyone! I did call our CW and left a message but haven't heard back yet. So we shall see!
I must say, I love this forum; it's so incredibly helpful to me as newbie to hear from those with experience!