Just wondering if anyone out there has used the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets....worth the $ or over-hyped? Would love your opinions before I spend the money - $50ish for a 4-pack.
So....what do you think?
If you are talking about the muslin ones, I would say definitely worth the money (although I think you can find them for less than $50). C couldn't sleep if he wasn't swaddled, and he was born in May. It got so hot, and anything else was too hot. They are also a bit stretchy, so he couldn't get out of them as easily as most. I still use them for all sorts of things - changing pad, sun shade, something to lie on... I wasn't sure about buying them at first either; I ended up doing so because someone gave me a gift card to Target as a shower gift, and there wasn't a whole lot there that interested me. I'm so glad I used it for them, and would absolutely recommend them!
We bought the muslin ones when our FD came home at almost 2 weeks old, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I wanna say they were about $35 at Target for a 4-pack. We used them alone to swaddle FD as an infant last summer, an under-wrap swaddle to add under slightly thicker wrap for colder winter, and they make an excellent "snuggly" blanket for her now that she's almost 10-months and the weather has been so warm (but still gets a little chilly overnights).
I would say that it also depends upon the quality. How is the quality of those blankets..?? If its nice then $50ish for a 4-pack would be not that much expensive. But still ti view some similar blankets visit [URL=""]salty liquid[/URL]
We have the muslin ones, and like them, but we paid $35, and then had 15% off, so we paid something like $29 and change for a 4-pack from babies r us.
I don't know that I love them enough that I'd be willing to pay $50 for a 4-pack. Probably not.
I noticed earlier that a spammer had bumped this but the spam post got removed. However, I was dying to ask about these! Do these fasten with Velcro or do you have to somehow get them to stay with just wrapping? I can never get a swaddle to stay closed unless it has velcro but it looks like (if things go ahead) we may have a late spring baby in a warm state.
Is the quality of blanket that much different between the muslin blankets like at Target versus the Aden + Anais brand?
I'm currently looking for good lightweight blankets for my baby boy due in June and so far muslin fabric seems to be the most popular for lightweight swaddle blankets. I'm just not convinced that the quality would be that much different. But I don't know!