Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets
Just wondering if anyone out there has used the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets....worth the $ or over-hyped? Would love your opinions before I spend the money - $50ish for a 4-pack.

So....what do you think?
If you are talking about the muslin ones, I would say definitely worth the money (although I think you can find them for less than $50). C couldn't sleep if he wasn't swaddled, and he was born in May. It got so hot, and anything else was too hot. They are also a bit stretchy, so he couldn't get out of them as easily as most. I still use them for all sorts of things - changing pad, sun shade, something to lie on... I wasn't sure about buying them at first either; I ended up doing so because someone gave me a gift card to Target as a shower gift, and there wasn't a whole lot there that interested me. I'm so glad I used it for them, and would absolutely recommend them!
We bought the muslin ones when our FD came home at almost 2 weeks old, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I wanna say they were about $35 at Target for a 4-pack. We used them alone to swaddle FD as an infant last summer, an under-wrap swaddle to add under slightly thicker wrap for colder winter, and they make an excellent "snuggly" blanket for her now that she's almost 10-months and the weather has been so warm (but still gets a little chilly overnights).
I would say that it also depends upon the quality. How is the quality of those blankets..?? If its nice then $50ish for a 4-pack would be not that much expensive. But still ti view some similar blankets visit [URL=""]salty liquid[/URL]
We have the muslin ones, and like them, but we paid $35, and then had 15% off, so we paid something like $29 and change for a 4-pack from babies r us.
I don't know that I love them enough that I'd be willing to pay $50 for a 4-pack. Probably not.
I noticed earlier that a spammer had bumped this but the spam post got removed. However, I was dying to ask about these! Do these fasten with Velcro or do you have to somehow get them to stay with just wrapping? I can never get a swaddle to stay closed unless it has velcro but it looks like (if things go ahead) we may have a late spring baby in a warm state.
For any who read this thread the Aden + Anais 46x46 blankets close without velcro nicely. Cheaper ones don't. Even the same brand.

I use the search: pdf swaddle Harvey Karp

For a good method of wrapping.
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