We just finalized our adoption here in Texas (completely Pro Se) and have some questions...
I am a US Citizen, my wife is a permanent resident, and my adopted son is/was a permanent resident. As part of the adoption, his name was legally changed.
We were given a form to file "Certificate of Adoption".
Q1: What do we get back from filing a Certificate of Adoption?
Q2: Do we get a birth certificate?
Q3: Will the birth certificate show he was born in Texas?
I've read up on the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 and I believe my son meets all the requirements.
Q4: What should we do now? Apply for a Certificate of Citizenship? Apply for a US Passport?
Anyone ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Sorry if this is a bit dis-jointed, but we're all reeling from the approval of the decree this morning! yay!
If the court didn't do it for you, you should get an original of the adoption decree containing the name change order and take it to your state's Vital Records office to apply for your child's . You may also need to provide the foreign birth certificate, foreign passport with the "A number" in it, etc., and apply for your son's birth certificate (usually called a certificate of foreign birth). The certificate will show that the legal parents are you and your spouse, and that the child was born in his/her foreign country of birth.
It is my understanding that adopted stepchildren such as yours do not qualify for automatic citizenship. However, you may want to contact a reputable adoption lawyer in this regard.
My wife is a LPR, and so is my step daughter. I need some direction on how to adopt my step-daughter (4 Years Old) I want her to have my last name. My wife's last name was changed when she because LPR, but I couldn't do the same for my step-daughter.
Could you please help me?
I live in Texas