Hey, there...I'm new to the Learning Disabilities forum, but I am around on several others...just got a diagnosis today from our OT, for our 10 month old FS..."Developmental Dyspraxia" I knew something was up...and this diagnosis makes sense, so far...just wondering what you all know about it, and what the typical outcome is of continued therapy? Is there anything specific we should be doing for him, other than putting him "through the paces" as our OT says? (working with him on moving from standing to sitting, or sitting to lying down, over and over)...any other tips?
I am dealing with the same issue. I will post more as I learn more. Anyone else have children with dyspraxia?
Wondering how things are going. Did you find something that has worked?
We have been through SP, with non-official OT and PT (he joined in with others and was exposed to it during the normal course of the day in Early Childhood), with our kid who had VERBAL apraxia (dyspraxia). It is a bit different as it has to do with muscles of the mouth and language (being able to "find the word that is on the tip of your tongue", word order, etc.) Several years in and usually he is good enough that others don't notice. Today, thought, the word "item" got him. He just couldn't get the right letters out in the right order - his brain was tired from school.
While he got therapies at school, we also work with him here at home in the course of our day. It is just how we do things as life happens. It is now second nature. It is hard not to do things for him, like filling in words or answering before he is done talking. Helping him in that way really doesn't help as he needs the practice with his muscles to create the muscle memory or links or whatever you call it. The more they are used, the more his brain is wired to know how to move them. His tongue still gets in his way sometimes, like he doesn't know what to do with it, and the more he thinks about it the worse it gets. At those times I try to distract him or tell him to take a deep breath and try again.
Some time back, to check to make sure he didn't need more, the developmental pediatrician got us an appointment for an evaluation at the clinic where they do OT, PT, SP, etc. Afterwards we were told the school was doing great, but that we may notice some issues a few years down the road as school gets harder. It was a nice reassurance that the therapies from school were doing okay.
I know what we are dealing with is not the same as what you are. Just hoping that our experience will give you some encouragement - keep it up. It may be just a bit of success at a time, but it will add up. And at some point, that may be as far as can be accomplished, but you will learn to work with and around it. Good luck.