Hello All,
I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are laws against people making false claims of being birth-family and, if so, how one might go about reporting it.
I had the fortune (at least I think it's the "fortune," time may tell ;) ) to be located by my half-sister on one side of my birth-family in the middle of April. Upon meeting her everything about my past blew WIDE open and I knew everyone's names on both sides in a few hours.
Ironically, two weeks later I was contacted by a man who claimed he was a half-brother on my mother's side. I was leery of him from the start since I now know all of my birth-family and he wasn't one of them. I asked him all the questions I've taught myself to ask (my test has always been, "tell me something I didn't put on the internet"). He later asked, "What's with all the Qs." Surely someone legit would understand THAT of all things!
While I was waiting for a response I researched "his" email address. It struck me odd that it had 'snowwhite' in it, and interestingly it was registered to someone with a different name than what this person was going by. [insert HUGE red flag here!]
Are there any laws against someone like this? I can only assume that the concept of the scam is to take advantage of adoptees desperate to find birth-family and later ask for money. (Otherwise, what's the point?)
As a service to those here I want to share the original message:
[INDENT]snow white snowhite112*
My name is John Holt,I am trying to locate my adopted sister, she was born *** **,19**,
I have been searching since I learned about her and I am desperately looking for her. Please if you think you a possible match,I will like hear back from you.
bb torch madrid[/INDENT]
Thank you for posting this, my friend had already been scammed once and thinks it's happening again. The information was from online and some not right. One person shows up posting and messaging as mom and a daughter on one ID. Scary stuff.