My husband and I are researching adoption agencies in Ohio (we live in Columbus). We would have loved to do an international adoption, but there doesn't seem to be a good fit for us right now, so we are looking into domestic adoption.
I've gotten information from Adoption Circle, Adoptions by Gentle Care and Spirit of Faith. Does anyone have any experiences - good or bad with these agencies? I would love it if you would share your experience.
I also am curious about what the actual cost of infant adoption is. For example, Adoption Circle says $16,000 but then there are other potential costs like living expenses and medical expenses. I would love to know what your actual adoption cost was - everything included, just so we have a better idea of how much money we need to come up with!
Thanks in advance for your help :)
- - Jen
I would appreciate the same info, we also live in ohio and are military- looking at adoption circle and gentle care. our two main concerns are that the adoption agencies do not pressure birthparents and that they are very open with us about the costs. We are anticipating a interstate adoption and would like to know what others actually paid for such an sdoption also how long the entire process took (homestudy to finalization). Please PM me with any info/advice, Thank you!