X-Post -- Travel Fares?
Anyone have any luck getting discounted tickets for your adoption? We're adopting from Poland and looking for airlines with discounts for adoption. We're waiting for some quotes from Golden Rule and PAT (Polish American Tours).

British Airways told me they no longer have a discount for adoption.

We have a credit card with points for travel but we want to get the best deal.

Where did you find the best rates? How did Golden Rule and/or PAT or other ta's compare? We are leaving in two weeks, so we need to buy TODAY! Any advice appreciated!
Sorry I had no advice...we haven't traveled yet. We're due to leave in about a month (Russia), but waiting for specific dates. I had called Golden Rule, but they don't take sky miles & we have a ton to use. Someone posted a lengthy "how to" for Delta, which we will try to use on our first trip as a lot of our miles our exclusive to them. Just curious about what you ended up doing since I know our last trip will be cash. Thanks
We ended up buying our tickets on Travelocity through our credit card reward system and ended up with KLM Dutch/Delta. My husband's ticket was basically free with our rewards points and mine was cheaper than I could find elsewhere. Delta operates KLM from this end and they have been very good so far. They gave me a really great rate for our son as a lap infant one way. He is under two though.

We leave on June 20 (!!!!) so we'll see how it goes.
try AFC Travel-They own way more contracts for adoptions than Golden Rule, etc.
Their owner had done Korean Adoptions and they know adoptions well.

Many website provide cheap air ticket.
Just as an update...
We travelled to EE in August and September of 2012. Delta had just changed it's adoption fare policy so it did not include partners - KLM, Air France, Air Canada etc.
We ended up paying full fare, including DS's one way ticket home. We even had to pay full rate to change the return date.
It seems that the airlines just decided that showing consideration and special treatment to family adoption journeys is at an end.
Adoption Airfare Options
Many of my adopting friends use AFC Travel for airfare for their adoptions-as they offer discounted airfare for adoptions...:flower:
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