looking for 2 adopted siblings from Chicago but don't know how to start..Help
My mother passed away a year ago, and during that time my family and I found out that she gave up two children for adoption. My problem is that I don't know what agency, dob or even the sex of the children. I don't know where to even start to look. If anyone can get me started I would greatly appreciate the information!
Contact the Illinois Adoption Registry at 877-323-5299. If they do not answer be sure to listen to the whole recording and leave your name and a call back number. The manager (Vicki) is really good at explaining what some of your options are even though you do not have a date of birth or sex of the siblings. Be sure to tell her that your mother is deceased and you would be a birth sibling to the adopted children. Good Luck
Do you have the approximate age or birth year?
I suppose I should also say that I too am looking for 2 siblings and parents if the are still alive. I was adopted and just received my original birth certificate. I was born in Chicago in 1960.
I know it would be to easy if you were part of the family I am looking for but I have to ask.
I actually do not know the birth years of my two adopted siblings. I am guessing that one is 1960-1961 and the other is 1964-1965. I am also guessing that the first and maybe the second was adopted through Catholic Charities. On your birth certificate does it give your biological mother's name? or DOB? I do not know who the birth father is, and unfortunately both birth fathers are different for the two siblings that I am looking for.
Yes it does. My mothers Maiden name is Kay Arlene Otten she was 25 so thats puts her YOB around 1935 in Harvey, IL. I was born 12/15/1960 as Anthony John Sorbie
This is my first contact and it would be nice if this worked out but it can't be this easy. But heres hoping
I'm so sorry, but that is not my mother's name and her YOB is 1943. I think she was about 17-18 when she gave birth to my first adopted sibling. If you have the time, I would look into the Illinois registry. (look at the above thread for the contact information) I think they can really help. Good Luck!
me and my sister were taken from our mother by dcfs in 1969. I was born in 1965 and my sister in 1967 and our birthmother's name is Joyce. She lived i think in canaryville.
I was adopted in 1966 and was told my Birth Mother had given up 2 children before me.
Illinois Adoptee 8/24/66 female
I was adopted and told my birth mother had given up 2 children before me. Born in Dixon IL.
This is just a long-shot. I don't have ANYTHING except non-identifying information from the state of Illinois. I was supposedly adopted through Catholic Charities. However..my birth mother was 17 and my birth father was 21. Worth a shot... I was born in Chicago.
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