I am seeking biological family members.
I was born on 12/08/1973 at Davis Monthan AFB Hospital to Valerie Winegar (born in Riverside County, California). My name at birth was Susan Marie Winegar. My father may have been Terry Nolan, or Terry might have been short for Theresa, who may have been my birth mother's best friend, and possibly my aunt, via being my father's sister. I supposedly spent the first six months of my life or so, in a commune. And from the information that I have, my father may have been against the adoption and possibly tried to fight it, but had little to no rights, as they weren't married. I've never been able to find any information to confirm that, however. The adoption was finalized in November 1974 as "Unnamed baby girl". My Birth certificate was altered to reflect my adoptive parents.
I've been searching for nearly 17 years now. I started off in libraries going through phone books and cold calling any Winegar that I found. I know its not the best way, but my resources are limited and I've been doing internet searches, but those tend to just lead to "Pay me (enter price structure here) and we MIGHT find someone that was in the same city at the time." Just searches through Winegar and Nolan geneological sites is difficult. Apparently, the Winegar tree has many many branches. And the Nolan tree also spreads it's limbs wide.
I have often gone through images on the internet, wondering if I'm related to any of the many people that I see there. Its been a lot of years, and I just keep praying, that in God's time, I'll learn something new.
I don't know why I'm just finding this site now. With all of the searches that I've done, you'd think that I would have found it years ago. But I'm grateful for tools when I find them. So :thanks: for maintaining this!
Oh my goodness, I have been looking for you for years!!!. I am your birth mother's younger sister.
We are all very excited to find you. Please contact me in any way that is comfortable for you. I can't wait to hear from you.
FYI...THANK YOU so very much for and their forums. I have been in touch with our missing adoptee and we have confirmed that she IS indeed our missing family. She, and we, are thrilled to have finally connected after 40 long years! I simply cannot thank you enough.
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