Parenting teens
Hi, I am new to this forum I adopted my daughter when she was 3 1/2 months old from Guatemala. I am a single white female. All this was fine until she became a teen, she is a good kid but is having a lot of issues with not looking like us. We live with my parents and her uncle who doesn't really know how to relate to teens. I know this is hard for her being a teen with 4 adults. I have shown her so much love and attention it is hard to have her pull away from me. She does talk to me when she is in the mood but sometimes she is angry. I know she is angry at her birth mom. We did find her birth mom and she got a letter from her stating why she gave her up for adoption and that she loves her. My daughter has not been able to write back to her yet. I think she has to figure out her feelings first. She is seeing a psychologist, who is helping but my daughter has been making some poor choices lately. I would love to talk to other adoptive parents of teens.
You might want to cross-post (copy your post and put X-Post in the title) to the Guat forum as I would expect many on that forum will have kids of the same age now. It seems to have been fairly active lately.


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