Better Luck with Legal Risk/Foster to Adopt?
My husband and I have been licensed for adopt only since March 2012. I understand it has only been 4 months, however, I did not expect to be waiting much longer. I would love to have kids settled before the new school year. Our profile is for up to 3 children ages 0-10 caucasion (this is what we are comfortable with). We have been submitted on 4 different groups of siblings but so far no bites on our homestudy. I have even submitted on TARE for a few sibling groups. I am looking for opinions/experiences if we should switch to Legal Risk? I am just feeling a little apprehensive. :thanks:
questions for you
What region are you on? What agency are you using? I believe that there is a big difference on the quality of the agency you chose, I am afraid our agency is not capable of submitting our home study on time for us even to be considered for those children. So, maybe it could be a problem with the efficiency of the agency you guys are using. I am looking to switch agencies.
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