International-Adoption: School or HOMESCHOOL?
Hello. My husband and I are adopting two sisters from Central America and we will be bringing them home with us probably in late Summer or early Fall. We are seriously considering the idea of homeschooling the girls, at least 'in the beginning'. Was wondering if there is anyone out there who has experienced homeschooling their internationally-adopted children (ESL/ELL/teaching English, etc..) Or, what have been the positive and/or negative experiences for your internationally-adopted children in public/private school. Would love to hear from you. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated by this newbie! Thanks! Happy
Personally I think it depends on you guys. The high school I went to was public and had quite a few foster kids/adoptees in it that were in ESL classes. Some of them were so good at English that nobody knew they were ESL students till it was time to take the exit exam (known as CASHEE here.) I went to a charter middle school with ESL. The classes were tiny of course but that also meant more one on one time. At the time, this was the only charter with ESL so take in consideration that they might be harder to find depending on where you are.

I would like to homeschool for elementary simply because I feel like sitting in a classroom isn't how children learn best. I feel like some schools have teachers that really shouldn't be teaching in charge of the basic ground work for our children. I do plan on at least charter, if not private, high school.
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