I just joined the forum and hope someone still reads these posts!
We have 3 daughters ages 12, 9 and 8 and are considering adoption of 4 boys ages 9, 8, 8 and 7. What will this do to birth order ideals?
Our "baby" is no longer baby- which would be "normal", the "baby" (7 year old) stays "baby". The middle kids all stay middle kids, our oldest (12) stays oldest but the oldest boy (9) becomes 2nd or possibly 3rd oldest depending on birthdays.
In the end it becomes 12, 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 7. We don't know birthdays yet so 9 year old girl 9 year old boy could reversed and the 8 year old twin boys could be older or younger than our 8 year old girl.
What do you do for school...basically it's like having twins and triplets. I don't know what the real twins school placement is now (together or separate classes) so that will be a factor. We are homeschooling the 8 and 9 year old girls in fall, so we might not have to deal with this unless they go back to traditional school in the future.
THANKS! I can't wait to hear answers!
That's a lot of kids. Were they sexally abused and do they act out. Do they have attachment issues or Rads.Also can you handle all of them. Their just so much to think about besides school.Just get all the info you can. I believe some schools allow twins to stay together and some don't. I would seperate when their young (3 -6), so they could get independent, but their at the age that might not matter, Unless they talk a lot and disturb the class. Good luck they may be wonderful boys.
If they are in the same grade, they should probably be in seperate classrooms. That allows them some individual time to be away from their siblings, and also decreases competitiveness a bit, as if they are in the same class, doing the same test, and one scores an A and the other an F, that can cause jealous issues, etc. But believe me, they'll find plenty of other things to be jealous over, compete over, etc!
I have two kids going into 9th grade, and two going into 4th grade. The older ones stay away from each other at school, have separate friends, etc. The younger two are still young enough that they want to play together at recess, etc.
It will sure help on graduation parties, though! LOL!!!
As for birth order, I've never had any trouble with bringing in mixed ages as long as the oldest stays the oldest.
Good luck!!!