Big kid pull ups
I have a 50 lb 3 yo who needs diapers/pull ups for nap & bed. Unfortunately, the ones I've gotten ( regular Disney pull ups & white cloud sleep pants that are for up to 65 lbs) really don't cover her bottom. None of the stores nearby have any other alternatives so I have to order something online but wanted to see if anyone has recommendations first?
Wouldn't goodnights work? OR underjams? They are made for older, bigger kids.
Try an adult diaper in the extra small size.
They have "cloth" options that are good if you dont mind washing them. Imse Vimse makes a good one for older kids.
I'd use Goodnights or Underjams. They work for big kids!
Goodnights definitely work better than pull ups.
I had a big two year old who had big diapers that worked. Her clothes were four & five and she was two.
Goodnights will work. You can get them at Wal-mart or the grocery store. They are for older kids and work great!
Thank you everyone!!!

Momoftwoboyz - do you know which kind is good for big kids? I looked online but couldn't really tell... Do you have to wash them any special way? It probably wouldn't be too bad since she's only peeing in them!!
I cant remember the name of them, just that Imse Vimse made them. They are cotton but have a lining of PUL (waterproof) in them. They can be worn as underwear. I think they had sizes up to 65 lbs... but it has been a while since I looked. They are a Swedish company ( I think) and make cloth diapers too. Expensive, but when you figure in the cost of washing a few pair vs buying Goodnights ($10 to 14 a bag) they are cheaper in the long run. My son wore them, and loved them. I think they are called "Training Pants".
OH, and for pants with Pee in them, nothing really special to wash...I always ran a rinse cycle first, but I dont think you need to with todays washers (my son is 13 now, washers werent as "smart" as they are now!) LOL
Truth be told, I dont know if my front loading smart washer can run a rinse cycle only!
Goodnights size large/extra large will work.
You can find the jumbo pack of goodnights at Walmart reasonably cheap. Smile
Goodnights work well for my son. I tried cloth diapers, but frankly even highly rated ones leaked and "rubbed" him.
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