The closet is ready
For girls or for boys.
The basement is bursting
With bright, playful toys.
The bottles are clean,
With tops screwed on tight.
The car seat is fastened,
In back, on the right.
The room is here waiting,
The paint is still wet,
But the monitor's quiet.
There's no baby yet.
The hallways are soundless
And the bedroom echoes.
The cradle is empty
As it rocks to and fro.
Soft lullabies play
To the empty air.
But no one sits
And rocks in the chair.
I fight the dust
As it gathers and rests
On curtains, and shelves,
And deep in my chest.
We've hoped, wished, and dreamed,
Waited for years
But still all we have
Are these heavy tears
The news is not told.
There's nothing to tell.
Nothing to do,
And waiting is he--.