Ready to begin adoption process for Columbia
We are getting ready to embark on the adoption process for Columbia after much research and prayer.

We've narrowed down our agency search to Heartsent in CA and Lifeline Children Services in AL.

Would anyone be able to PM me on your experiences with either of these agencies when adopting from Columbia?

Thanks in advance!
Here's a good group to join..

[url=]adoptColombia : Adopt Colombia[/url]

And not to be rude, I suggest you learn how to spell the country you want to adopt from.
Birmingham Lifeline
I would heartily recommend Birmingham's Lifeline office. Their Colombian staff is stellar, in their Birmingham office.
For those replying, please remember that our terms of service require that agency feedback be given via private message.
Hi there , just wondering if I could speak with you individually to ask bout your experience? My wife is Colombian and would love to hear your feedback.
Thanks, the site looks great.
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