Invisible Ties
Invisible Ties

In the midst of my daily flow
I saw her
She stood out to me against the crowd
Her beauty was exuburant
Soul so radiant that she pinched my spirit
Like a ray of hope
She reminded me of my reflection

Perhaps I was born of her flesh
Or maybe she an extension of my limbs?
Caused these thoughts to run so deep form mental rods
Compartmentalized emotion

It was as though we were related in a past life
She was the present tied to my forbidden past
And yet I existed unbeknown to her
Nonetheless she still became the bain of my extistence

I bare upon the presence of a soul stranger
Who confines me
As I witness fragmentation that chokes my spirit
Longing for a complete congruence of these compound perplexities

Me simply a taboo
Had me questioning for did I resemble her or did she resemble me?
Mute heart
Dares not to speak
Silenced into forgiveness
Silenced into guilt
Could not fathom to think that I could be
The bark
The branch
The leaf
Of a family tree
Grounded with virgin roots
And yet I have one

And in the midst of my daily flow
I saw him
Only this time
I entered into his existence
His stares were like smells of sweet bread who drift down memory lane
Of which I have none

He gazed into my eyes
And spoke into my being
He said
You, you could be my daughter
In fact you look just like my daughter
Perhaps she the sister I always never had
Tied to a nucleus

Left me questioning
I full of judgement
Just wondering
How could he not know if I was his?

This man had no clue of the impact this discourse had into my subsistence
These syllables shook my earth
And he paid for my breakfast
In exchange of $2.00 worth a dream

And in my mind I said
Perhaps I am yours and maybe you
You belong to me.

By Monique De La Oz
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