Courageous Love
Black ink surrounds me
While free thought
Permeates the mind
Mental waves race
Fight through currents
Space and time
Travel distances
Enter the abyss
Unwilling forces capture
New frame of mind
Open third eye
And expose raw earth
Molten rock
Create new ground
Plate tectonic shifts
Planets re-align
Spirits guide
Through transparent lens
Of self-understandings
Awaken to new shore
Feel the radiant sun
Salt water splash
Acquire new taste
Reborn into new skin
This unknown factor
Perhaps the fact that
Proceeded the product
Wonders if he did this to
Besides her womb
Conceived by rape
Hard guilt
Who at no fault of my own
Fight tormented winds
Still walk head strong
Into this crossing
Rage hair yells
Catch 22
An invasion
Of my privacy
Pre-conceived notions
This parasite
Unborn child
For she
Must remove
The reminder
This undue burden
Mother and Father
Forsake me
I, Gods gift
Silent agreement
Ultimate sacrifice
She tormented soul
Who suffered its indignity
He who will live
Without knowing
This by chance encounter
Born out of violence
Gave me a greater love
A courageous love
By Monique De La Oz