Black Pepper Ginger
Black Pepper Ginger

Head to tip action penetrates satisfaction
Causes muscles walls to contract
This time the onset of true labor
Shaken life plug initiates mind dilation
It shifts reality into equilibrium
The clock starts to tick
And for many many hours
I cry sounds of freedom
For I felt slave to my child
He-He Who, He-He Who
He-He Who, He-He Who
Who longs to see the face of zygote
Turned embryo now infant

He flesh of my flesh
Forces me to grasp for air and hold up walls
I speak unfathomable words
For this pain is unbearable
The nose can not mask the smells of steep concoction
Black pepper ginger stimulates my aura
This potent liquid tickles the back of my throat
It ignites my spirit and stimulates my senses
And after many many sips, forms active labor
Causes water to gush over porcelain seats
Grip rails for dear life for weak legs
Give into uterine contractions

Urge to push
Urge to bathe
Urge to release this child
On linoleum floors but I cant
Instead teeth clench feathered pillow
As hands turn white from squeeze
Feel stiff peak enter my open back
For the natural didnҒt come oh so natural
Hear precious heart beat go thump-thump, thump-thump





What was music to my ears becomes terror to my soul
His heart beat gets slower
His heart rate drops
Watching monitor like silent movie causes panic frenzy
The world became obsolete
Nothing and no one mattered
But the descent of his birth

Off count, off count
Tired pushes need peace and quiet
Rest to allow the mind to envision blossoming flowers
Need to regulate breathe and coordinate bodily functions
have the option to feel sharp knife slice naked belly
To emerge neonate
Therefore, I push with my life

My Prince
Protruding in and out of reality
With each push
But he was stuck
I felt cold metal spoons colder than any speculum
Enter my sacred walls and pull as I pushed
They tugged with legs high up by my stirrups
Push through tough birthing process
Turned delicate head into fragile cone
Soon extended body releases from my own

I can feel the expulsion occur
He enters the world as a silent soul
Feel belly flop ache for his fulfillment
Slap on buttocks awakens his spirit
He screamed for his life and his freedom
While I cried for his rites of passage began
Along with my life long spiritual journey into motherhood

Although, I still can not fathom
But learning to respect and accept daily
How any one mother or fatherӔ could disassociate and relinquish duties
From conception to birth and beyond
For these souls are born innocent
In need of pure, genuine, and undying love
This infant must now grow up
From Prince to the King of his throne, his life and his kingdom

By Monique De La Oz
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