We had DSTBAS (2) evaluated by EI as soon as he came to us, and he has been receiving services (special instruction, PT), ever since. We have also engaged local therapists to provide PT, ST and OT, though somewhat sporadically due to a changeover in providers. I *guess* we are seeing progress, though it doesn't necessarily feel like it - he's walking, interacting more, making eye contact, etc, but has no speech (except for 1-3 signs), so it's difficult to tell how much he really "gets."
I just got off the phone with the lead person at the EI, and her thought was that he will hit a ceiling, though we don't know when or how high it will be. I just get this overwhelming sense of it being too low, while I told her that I feel like he's "in there," and I just haven't found the right key to get him "out." I don't know if her perspective is tainted by having worked with his older biological brother, who has significant delays (but who also didn't receive any therapies until after the age of 3, when he was pulled out of the bio home), or if I should accept her statements...but, then I had him evaluated by an OT, who was very impressed that when he stood up and hit his head, he immediately bent back over and stood up MORE SLOWLY several more times in a row to figure out where the "roof" was - rather than just whacking his head full force again. She said that that was proof that he CAN learn, with the right tools.
I guess I'm trying to find balance. I don't want to expect the moon and be left with a rock. But I also don't want to expect rocks, but find out, that if I had just found a different tool, I could've shot them to the moon. And I don't necessarily like it when someone tells me that my 2yo has a ceiling we just haven't reached yet. I worry that maybe they don't try as hard if they don't expect as much. Or maybe...I'm just worrying too much.
Thoughts? I honestly think there is more to him than EI sees...but maybe I'm just being too hopeful :(
I dont know your sons dx but at a year old the drs told me my daughter would never walk. well shes 15 shes in high school and she walks runs rides a bike climbs thats not to say we dont have other issues with her, but when someone tells us our child cant do something we always say well dont tell them and we just keep working on it.
Dont give up and just take one day at a time you never know what can happen.
Fight for the best he can be. He's waaay to young to know what that will be.
Aim for the moon! As he gets older, you might have to make adjustments for HOW he'll get to the moon and WHICH moon he'll aim for, but that's okay too :love: :love: :love:
By a mother whose AD had a traumatic brain injury at 2 and at 14 is hafway to her moon:banana: :banana:
I agree, my little guy has several dxs. He was never supposed to me mobile or verbal or on and on. He does everything you would expect from a 2 year old and his verbal is way ahead. I don't limit him by. Dx or professionals statements, we just do things differently. I like your key analogy, keep looking for the right keys! Also, my 4 year old struggled with language and literally over night it was like a light switched on and he started talking. It sounds like your little one has been working hard to catch up, maybe language had to be put on the back burner while he worked on other things. Good luck. Shoot for the moon, even if your moon looks different than someone else's moon.