When is a boy's hair too short?
Hello everyone, my name is Valinda and I'm a newbie to this forum (this is actually my first post), which I found accidentally while browsing the internet. I am a single mom and live in Texas, where I have an 8 year old adopted black boy (not bi-racial). He is adorable and has been the greatest joy of my life. My question to you mothers of little black boys is what type of haircut do you give him? I am currently having Curtis where a "zero" cut, which is basically shaved almost clean with clippers all over his head. It looks like someone drew little dots or sketched hair on his head. After experimenting with different styles and lengths over the years I have found this to be the most manageable look for him because his hair is extremely course (nappy) and therefore nearly impossible to comb or brush with him still looking presentable. I think he looks very sharp, nice and neat if you will, and I often receive compliments from others on how cute he looks. Where I live it stays relatively warm all year so this is his standard look. I am posting this thread because recently a white mother of a bi-racial child at my son's school (I'm Hispanic) questioned my decision to cut his hair so short, in her opinion, saying he was "bald-headed" and little boys shouldn't be bald-headed. My son's teachers have no problem with it and nobody else has ever confronted me about it until now. But it made me wonder, when is a boy's hair too short? Also, based on how I described my son's haircut would you consider him bald-headed??? I thought only men who shave their heads with a razor were considered bald-headed but I guess my son could be included in this description as well, I just never thought of him like that until now. Any feedback or thoughts you can share on this would be greatly appreciated and I'm very happy to be part of this forum!
Does he have an opinion about his hair? Does he like the fresh cut, or does he prefer it between haircuts when it gets a little longer? If you like it and he likes it, the other parents should really keep their opinions to themselves.

My son usually went with a 1 or a 2, and still preferred it when it grew out a bit between cuts. (Now he's growing it out, but he's old enough to take care of it.)

At 8 yo, I bet your son will be able to to care for any short cut himself. Just a bristle brush and a very small amount of olive oil hair grease is all my son has ever needed to keep his short hair looking great. It doesn't get tangled or difficult to brush until it gets much longer, and then a pick and a wide toothed comb works better.

The best thing I ever did was to find a really good african american barber shop. The guys there gave great advice about the best hair care products and son enjoys going there.
He probably knows how he likes it
I bet your son looks darling! From what you've described I wouldn't call him bald.

My youngest FS is just a little older than your son. He is of a different ethnic background than my bioson. I thought his hair was horribly short (though in retrospect it was cute) when he came to me. So -- I let it grow out. Finally he got up the nerve to ask me to bring him to the barber -- just when his hair was starting to get as short as I ever have my Biological son's hair! Imagine my surprise when he got a one on the sides and a four up top.

He looked pretty sharp and fessed up that he really prefers it that way.

I'm sure your son knows how he likes it, too, even at the tender age of eight! I wouldn't let some other nosey mom sway how you keep your son.
:clap: I am sure he looks good or he would tell you. My 4yr old ethnic mix tells us. I know from him shorter is better than nappy and even though he hate get his hair cut. he has recently started to ask for it. Don't let others stick their nose where it doesn't belong! Be strong and confident for you love your boy and know what is right for him!
Thank you ladies for your support. Most of my girlfriends think he looks really cute with his close cut. As a matter of fact I just got a compliment from one of the sales clerks about his haircut at the mall this morning. And yes he prefers it that way himself. He says he really hates having "nappy hair" lol.
There is no any issue regarding short hair or long just clean it that will keep him healthy
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