Anyone from Canada?
Hi all!

We've just started the process to adopt from Russia. I'm wondering if there is anyone else here from Canada??
My husband is from Toronto but we live here in the States. Just came home with our son 3 weeks ago.
Congratulations!!!! Do you blog? I'm always looking for recent experiences to read through
Canada too!
We are from Canada as well! We are at the very beginning of the process and are trying to gather as much information as possible. If anyone has any recent experiences adopting from Russia or advice PM me.
Thanks so much!
I'm orginally from Canada but lived in the states for most most of my life & live in Michigan not far from Canada.
We're from British Columbia, Canada and our dossier will be submitted to Russia shortly before Christmas.
We live in Canada and have adopted two fine boys from Russia. It has been a number of years now, our 12 year old came home over 10 years ago and our 9 year old has been home for over 6 years now. So much changes so quickly that I don't have any process advice or information for you other than be patient and ready for anything.
My husband and I live in Alberta and are really interested in adopting from Russia. Any information/links/blogs/advice is welcome!
Is anyone else using CHOC?
Jalara said...
Is anyone else using CHOC?

I've been looking into them as well, wondering what people's opinions are.

Does anyone know what an average Russian adoption costs? With all expenses?
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