Virginia Step parent adoption
Hello all,
I am trying to put together a step parent adoption petition in Virginia. On this site I found a great example but I am unsure how to complete two sections.
4. [FIRST NAME OF MINOR CHILD] resides with her natural mother, [NAME OF STEPPARENT'S SPOUSE], and the Petitioner. [FIRST NAME OF MINOR CHILD] has been in the physical custody of her natural mother [NAME OF STEPPARENT'S SPOUSE] since she was born, and has resided with and been in the physical custody of Petitioner since ________ __, 20__. [NAME OF STEPPARENT'S SPOUSE] has legal and physical custody of [FIRST NAME OF MINOR CHILD] pursuant to an Order entered on [MONTH] ___, 20__, by the [STATE] [DISTRICT NUMBER] District Court for [COUNTY NAME] County, in Cause No. [DOCKET NUMBER]. The Order is attached here as Exhibit A. ( 42-5-101(1)(c), MCA)

9. The natural father, [NAME OF RELINQUISHING PARENT], consents to the adoption of [FIRST NAME OF MINOR CHILD] by the Petitioner. He also waives his right to notice and hearing. His affidavit of waiver and consent is in writing, duly signed and notarized, attached to this petition and marked Exhibit C. (ǧ 42-2-301(2), MCA; ǧ 42-2-401, 402, MCA)

My problem is that the Biological father has passed away and I'm not sure how to put that into this petition so that it will pass the inspection. Any help would be appreciated.
I'm no lawyer but I think I would just put deceased where the father's name goes.....or perhaps in parentheses after the father's name. There are a few lawyers on here though so hang on. Maybe they will see this and respond.

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