I am specifically searching for other moms who had their adoptions finalized in Florida. I opted for an open adoption, however, it was closed after three years. I'd like to find others in the same position, as I have legal questions to ask, but because they are legal, don't want to post them on a forum. Feel free to email me.
Hello! I live in FL and gave my child up for adoption. I opted for open and wanted it open but it got closed. The parents were sending me updates through the agency and they wanted it closed. Now they are saying I cannot send gifts for my daughter (I would send to agency and reimburse them to re-send them to adoptive parents) and they are also saying no more updates/pictures.
However, there was NO CLAUSE OR STIPULATION in the paperwork I signed that said that I was agreeing to a CLOSED ADOPTION. Because I never would have.
My hubby is a computer programmer and found my daughter. I gave her up to protect my evil-witch abusive mom from getting custody of her. My daughter was 8 yrs old at time of adoption. (My husband is not her real father, her real father has chosen to never see or acknowledge her and no DNA test was ever done even though I tried to get one for years) My mom was lying about me to the authorities and I did not want my daughter in a foster home. So I gave her up, to richer people who could protect her better. My mom hired a Private Eye and found them but the cops ran her off. I called to warn them of the article on the internet with their names and info and that my mom could find them. (I did not know until I called that she already did) NOW they are saying that since I called, I can no longer send presents/get updates. WTF? I was just trying to help protect her!
Should you like to share your story. I am here to talk. And if not and you just wanna talk about how we can solve this, that is fine too. I am so SO sorry for what you are going thru. It is awful. I can barely even walk now. I would love to hear from you!